We are a New Zealand-based production services company, dedicated
to line production and facilitation of television commercial filming in New

To do the best work with the best people for the job.

To give the best production value possible, while providing a smooth running shoot, and of course, to have some fun along the way!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to New Zealand where we are now enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn.

We get snow on the mountain ranges in winter, but this rarely falls to ground level, so all our other beautiful locations are still at your disposal - beaches, forests, lakes, waterfalls, green fields, mountains and everything else besides.

We enjoyed hosting Balance Productions and Alexander Paul from Ping Pong Films in Germany, who shot another TVC for China with us at the end of 2016. Other recent projects include a 4-day 'drone' shoot for Stink Digital (UK). We also shot background plates for a Chinese theme park ride for Pacesetter Pictures International from China, and a TVC for Smuggler UK who shot at some of our most spectacular tourist spots for Siberian Airlines in 2015.

The jobs ranged from a crew of 5 to a crew of 45... and now that there are so many different formats and media outlets, we are happy to look at any kind of job - large or small! And we can look after the stills or other components alongside the TVC shoot for you also.

New Zealand Film Connection are ready to provide full production support for your next venture, in any part of our beautiful country. New Zealand is a 1-stop shop for your next production. We have many diverse locations available to you in one go - from beaches and farms, to forests and mountains, lakes, rivers and cityscapes!

14 years of line production, has seen companies such as Stink, Smuggler, Partizan, MJZ, Knucklehead and others from the UK, Ireland, Japan, China, Sweden and Australia, enjoying the professionalism and passion that goes into one of our productions.

For us, it's the personal touch that makes the difference. Treza Gallogly, EP, is a hands-on line producer, dedicated solely to line production (i.e. no competitive Directors!).

You will receive the added bonus, of her expertise from years of working as agency and production company producer before that.

This is a company with small overheads, and big delivery on production value. The website is quick and easy to get around, and says it all. ENJOY! We hope to see you in 2017!

Treza Gallogly.
Executive Producer.