Executive Producer Treza Gallogly, is the dynamic force behind the New Zealand Film Connection.

With over 18 years' experience producing television commercials as line producer, agency and film company producer, and vast experience in post-production, she brings a wealth of talent to her international Clients' projects.

We have supported line productions for Stink (UK), Smuggler (UK), Partizan (USA), PPI (China), MJZ (UK/Ireland), B2B Films (China), AOI/Moby Pictures (Japan), Knucklehead (UK), Social Club (Sweden), and many more...

Telunsu TVC 2017
For Balance Productions, China
Telunsu TVC 2015
For Balance Productions, China
Rayban Instagram Videos 2015
(TVC1) (TVC2) (TVC3) (TVC4) (TVC5) (TVC6)
For StinkDigital, UK
Siberian Airlines TVC 2015 (TVC1)
For Smuggler, UK
Global 100 Aerials 2015 (TVC1)
For PPI Films, China
Cuprinol TVC 2014 (TVC1) (TVC2)
For Social Club, Sweden
Theland TVC 2013 (TVC1)
For B2B Films, China
Cadbury Moro TVC 2012 (TVC1) (TVC2)
For Passion Raw, UK
Burger King TVC 2010 (TVC1)
For Partizan USA
Yili Milk TVC 2010 (TVC1)
For Cheers Films, China
Carlsberg TVC 2008 (TVC1)
MJZ UK for Ireland
Land Transport TVC 2007 (TVC1)
For The Guild Australia
Morrisons TVC 2005 (TVC1)
For Godman UK
Bupa 'Kiss' TVC 2004 (TVC1)
For Rose Hackney Barber UK
NZ Lamb 2005 (TVC1)
For The Gate Films UK
Yellow Pages TVC 2007 (TVC1)
For Exit Films Melbourne
Yoplait TVC 2006 (TVC1) (TVC2) (TVC3) (TVC4)
For Company Films Ireland
H2GO TVC 2004 (3 x TVC's)
For CIF Productions, Sydney
Metersbonwe TVC 2004 (TVC1)
For Rage Films, Hong Kong
Milka TVC 2003 (TVC1)
For Prodigy Sydney / Wanda France

Some other ads produced by Treza. To View the clips you will need Windows Media Player, if you do not have it simply download it for free as per the instructions here

Nissan Primera 'Switch' TVC, 30" (TVC1)
Bronze Axis, Finalist London Int'l, HC Axis, HC ATV Awards
Caltex Techron 'Lightning' TVC, 60" (TVC1)
Bronze Axis Award
Goodman Fielder Bluebird Kettles 'Snowboarder' TVC, 30" (TVC1)
Telecom Yellow Pages 'Straight Line' TVC, 45" (TVC1)
Totalisator Betting Agency 'Trackside' TVC, 30" (TVC1)
Air New Zealand 'Birds' TVC, 90" (TVC1)
Silver & Bronze Axis Awards
Vodafone V24 - (the world's first modern-era live interactive TV commercials) (TVC1) (large download 20MB)
2002 International Echo Gold Award, 2002 NZ RSVP Gold and NZDMA Nexus Gold

For a copy of more ads, or references, please contact us

New Zealand:
Vodafone, Nissan, Goodman Fielder, Lion Breweries, Telecom, Westpac Banking Corporation, Fletcher Challenge, Air NZ, and many more.
GIO Insurance, Kelloggs
Caltex, Tiger Beer