The aim of the New Zealand Film Connection is to give you the best production value for your money, while providing a smooth running shoot…

Television and stills commercial production
Initial suggestions / locations for script
Fast turn-around of budgets, location references, cast buyout figures
Competitive quote / negotiable rates
We will look at any sized budget
Casting / location recce / art department pre-production
Arranging of visas/permits for overseas visitors
Booking of NZ’s best crew for the job
A wealth of experienced technicians are available
All equipment / supplier requirements are readily available in New Zealand
Post-production / audio / music composition
All editing and post-production services available from local world-class companies
Personalised access to work-in-progress
Location photos/edits etc., can be posted on our website for Clients to access under a secure system
Open accounting system
Available for scrutiny at any time, we take care of all taxation and supplier payments. NZ Goods and Services Tax of 15% is not charged to goods for export.